Time 35 min
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The impact of new sales tax laws | QuickBooks Connect 2020

Sales tax. Economic nexus. Exemption certificates. Taxation rules. If the mere mention of these terms leaves you feeling confused and overwhelmed, you’re not alone. These changes have created growing pains for both states and businesses.

In this session, Avalara will shed light on:

  • The impact of recent state rulings on your business
  • How automating sales tax can mitigate risk and, in some situations, even be free
  • When a business must collect exemption certificates

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn more about sales tax and how to efficiently and accurately manage it for your business.

Matthew Hammond Sr. Sales Manager, Avalara Matt Hammond has been an Avalara employee for over five years. During this time, he has focused on helping QuickBooks customers improve their sales tax compliance. When not working or being a dad, he spends his time keeping his golf game at a pro level, fishing, and exercising his three dogs.