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Navigating uncertain times with HR outsourcing | QuickBooks Connect 2020

Many external factors have created uncertainty in today’s economic environment. COVID-19, rapid unemployment and 2020 being an election year to name a few. Our economy now faces a similar situation to what we saw in 2007. Companies are looking to ADP® to help them recalibrate their strategies by harnessing our extensive data and expertise as they return to work, reimagine what the new environment will look like, and reform based on market shift and regulatory compliance. Learn how ADP’s data and expertise can help you and your clients build an HR strategy that lets you adapt to evolving demands.

Laura Pruitt Senior Director, Channels, ADP Laura Pruitt is an experienced and proven leader having spent more than 19 years with ADP. She is responsible for building awareness and educating the accounting community on outsourced HR services.
Greg Usberti Senior Strategist, ADP With 17 years of B-to-B sales experience in compliance and HR outsourcing, Gregory Usberti provides strategic solution design and sales support for over 500 sales professionals at ADP.