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QuickBooks Money: Control your cash flow | QuickBooks Connect 2020

QuickBooks Money is the fast way to get paid, the easy way to pay your bills, and the simple way to see and control your cash flow.

Rania Succar Senior Vice President, QuickBooks Money Platform, Intuit` Rania Succar is the business leader for the QuickBooks Money portfolio, including small business payments, banking and lending. Her team is focused on solving one of the biggest challenges small businesses face: managing cash flow. She and her team have launched several game changing offerings for small business over the past few years, including: QuickBooks Capital, which expands access to capital to early-stage businesses; Cash Flow Planner, which gives small businesses visibility into their cash flow 90 days into the future; and QuickBooks Cash, which provides an all-digital, no-fee bank account that offers instant money movement. With each of these launches, she and her team are getting one step closer to their true north goal of putting small businesses in control of their money. Outside of work, Rania is very active in the nonprofit she cofounded focused on educating Syrian children and youth. She also has two young children who fill her world with lots of fun and intense negotiation.