For everyone
Time 34 min

Unwind your anxious mind

When things are uncertain, it is natural for our anxiety levels to rise. A little bit of anxiety can actually be helpful β€” it plays a vital role in keeping us safe and motivated. High levels of stress, however, can leave us feeling exhausted and stuck. Learning to manage these emotions empowers us to navigate uncertainty with greater ease, while preserving our well-being. In this session, Ashleigh Frankel helps us better understand β€œthe mind on stress,” explores how anxiety manifests, and teaches three simple practices for relief.

Ashleigh Frankel Co-founder, The WiseMind Co. Ashleigh Frankel is a well-workplace, well-being and mindfulness specialist. She is co-founder of The WiseMind Co., a global consulting and development firm that works with leaders to create well-work cultures, where people and businesses flourish.