Time 60 mins
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Crafting an effective pitch

Learn how to effectively communicate and clarify the value of your business. Resonant communication involves a well-rounded approach: a combination of believing your value, crafting the right words, and delivering your pitch with grounded confidence.

Bestselling author Stacy Ennis shares strategies from the writing world to help you craft your pitch, from developing the idea to selecting the right words to impact your audience. You will leave this session understanding exactly what to say at that next virtual mixer, prospect meeting, or social gathering when someone asks the awkward question: “What do you do?”

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Stacy Ennis CEO and Founder
Creatively LLC
Stacy Ennis is a bestselling author, creative consultant and speaker, as well as the founder of Nonfiction Book School. She served as longtime ghostwriter for a Nobel Prize winner in medicine and as executive editor of Sam’s Club’s Healthy Living Made Simple, a publication that reaches around 11 million readers. Stacy’s latest co-authored book is Growing Influence, and her TEDx talk, “How to raise brave kids,” has been viewed thousands of times around the world.