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Connect with your QuickBooks community, learn from peers and experts on topics that matter most to you, and collect fun memories along the way.
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Peer-to-peer learning with Braindate

Spark deeper connections at the Braindate Hub. Join 1:1 or small group conversations based on topics posted by you, fellow attendees, the QuickBooks help and support team, and sponsors.
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More to explore at the event

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Extra delighters

The Color Parlor
The Swag Spot
Guess Less, Glow More by Mailchimp

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Sponsored amenities

O2 Boost Bar by DIGITS
Boba Bar by PayPal
Cocktail Bar by Expensify
Coffee Bar by DIGITS
Donut Wall by BILL
Fireside Treats by American Express in partnership with Extend
Puppy Lounge by Avalara
Sweet Shoppe by ADP