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Managing cashflow with QuickBooks Online

The use of electronic funds has grown, and most customers and vendors are seeking online payment options. Money transfers between bank accounts can occur at a rapid speed, and as a result, businesses may struggle to manage available cash.

QuickBooks has dedicated several tools to help business owners manage their cash flow. These QuickBooks Online cash flow tools are part of an active subscription. During this webinar, we will explore how to activate and use the QuickBooks Cash Flow Center.

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Liz Scott
CEO, Accounting Lifeline
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June 2

QuickBooks Connect Canada virtual event

Hear from Intuit leaders and business experts to gain practical skills to grow your business. Solidify plans for the future through interactive breakout sessions, deep dives into QuickBooks, and peer-to-peer learning.

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June 9

Crafting an effective pitch

Learn how to effectively communicate and clarify the value of your business. Resonant communication involves a well-rounded approach: a combination of believing your value, crafting the right words, and delivering your pitch with grounded confidence.

Stacy Ennis CEO and Founder
Creatively LLC
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